Educational English Alphabet Letters Coloring Pages

Alphabet Coloring Pages – One of the strange things about kids is that they can speak English even before they know about English alphabet. Still, I bet they do not know that the words “cool” and “city” are started by the exact same letter. Anyway, most parents and teachers associate certain objects with their starting […]

The Cutest Disney Fairy Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

Tinkerbell Coloring Pages – Disney might have not made it official but in terms of popularity, I think it;s safe to say that Tinkerbell has now become the symbol of Disney Magic. First debuted on a classic movie with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell started to have her own movie series from 2008. Kids just love her […]

The Most Loyal Breed Bulldogs Coloring Pages

Bulldog Coloring Pages – I don’t think I like bulldogs as much as I do with the other breeds. I mean they always have this sad face and seem rather unintelligent. But my preferences aside, bulldog is the fifth most popular breed in the United States. In fact, they sit at the top most of […]

Disney Street Rat Prince Aladdin Coloring Pages

Aladdin Coloring Pages – Disney released Aladdin the movie to the masses in 1992 and it was a great sensation in the animation industry. The story walked us through how Aladdin the street rat managed to make all his way to become the prince of the kingdom he was born in. Jasmine, the daughter of […]

The Pride of the West Cowboy Coloring Pages for Kids

Cowboy Coloring Pages – When I was little, I had already watched Clint Eastwood with some of his cowboy films. I can see now why he’s become such a legendary actor in the US. The old man is a badass. He shoots his gun faster than anyone in the Wild West. Anyway, the time when […]

Fly to Neverland with Disney Peter Pan Coloring Pages

Peter Pan Coloring Pages – It was just yesterday when I put together some great stuff about Captain Hook. So, why shouldn’t I continue with his nemesis, Peter Pan? The animation movie that was released by Disney in 1953 may look fun and childish but Peter Pan actually has a far long history with the […]

Family Coloring Pages : Let’s Have Fun with Mom and Dad

Family Coloring Pages – The first and foremost education, which makes it the most important as well, starts from a family; that’s what I always believe. It doesn’t matter how strong the challenges a child may face in his/her future, if he/she has a good time with the family, I’m sure they can easily pass […]

The Grumpy Old Donald Duck Coloring Pages

Donald Duck Coloring Pages – Did you know that it’s been well over 80 years since Donald Duck was introduced to North America? Well, this duck really is old but I can never be bored with him. In fact, I like him more than Mickey. His short temper can always crack some laughs on me. […]

The Exotic Middle East Princess Jasmine Coloring Pages

Jasmine Coloring Pages – I was just a little boy when Disney made its venture launching Aladdin. I don’t remember exactly how the story goes because it was a very long time ago but I do remember Princess Jasmine with her super huge tiger. What’s its name again? Jasmine is supposed to be a princess […]

Disney Villainous Pirate Captain Hook Coloring Pages

Captain Hook Coloring Pages – With long chin and sinister look on his eyes, Captain Hook has everything he needs to become a villain. Still, the way I see it, he’s not really a bad person. I mean, he hates Peter Pan because he is the one who cuts off his hand. More than that, […]